Specialist in transporting Agricultural Machinery &  No Nonsense Policy


Mechan-Connect is from origin specialist in the cargo of agricultural machinery, goods and materials. From small spare parts to big harvesters. We cover the whole range : TRUCK – SEA – and AIR CARGO. Our close partnership with our neighbor on Schiphol Airport , Lift Freight Service, and so with over 3000 connected custom and shipper agents over the world, we can transport from and to each known harbor or airport in the world. Our own fleet of trucks, trailer, semi-deep loaders and euro loaders form together with our partner’s transport equipment the capacity to get each transport order done. From a small spare part package to big harvesters cargo, it will be done most professional. Our connected ocean freight partners can take your cargo to any suitable port in the world. We arrange the groupware before shipping, can do assembly and disassembly and arrange the truck cargo after shipping to your client. And our connected AIR Cargo freighters from SKY-TEAM and STAR ALLIANCE  can take your cargo very quick to any suitable airport in any corner of the world. Again, from a small spare part that has to be urgently at your clients address to a whole machine , goods or materials. What cannot be shipped and takes too long by truck : FLY IT !


What makes us different than other cargo colleges :

Experience :

Our management and drivers have all an agricultural background. They are common with all kind of agricultural machinery, construction machinery and transport equipment. Tractors, all kind of harvesters, choppers, wheel loaders, mobile cranes and all kind of thinkable equipment : our management and drivers are familiar with it. We know how expensive machinery can be , and know how to handle it with great care ! During loading, securing, transport and unloading we will take very professional care. And when something is not in order, or can be become a problem , we notice it! And will act!

Actual knowledge :

We also look after our own actual knowledge level according to the machinery we have to transport. Therefore we have frequently internal courses and training in modern machinery. In cooperation with our clients / the brands we transport for. For example, so are our drivers familiar with the newest techniques in transmissions, engine technology and the ongoing computerization. This knowledge prevents unnecessary damage to the machinery during loading – securing – the cargo itself and during unloading. And with this basic knowledge, our drivers are able to give your receiving client the first basic users information.

Try us ! You will notice that we know where we are talking about and working with !


 See below our information about: Truck – , Sea – , Air CARGO


Truck Cargo AGRO PLUS 


The own Truck Cargo from Mechan-Connect is concentrated in West Europe. We are specialist in the transport from manufacturers, dealers and other clients to our connected main harbors or airports : Antwerpen – Rotterdam – Amsterdam – Schiphol. Or the other way around. But also we take care of regional machinery cargo in or between West European countries. We bring a lot of agro machinery for our clients to our own groupware location. To collect the machinery and prepare the machinery for shipment or airfreight.

Our logo ‘AGRO PLUS’ is standing for extra services we can provide with the cargo , as :

  • Technical check of used machinery before transport.
  • Groupware service. So that your cargo order can be cheaper executed in combination with other orders.
  • Basic maintenance of used machinery at our groupware workshop
  • Disassembly used or new machinery at our groupware location for AirCargo or Container Cargo  
  • Assembly service at the location of the receiving customer
  • Basic users training and maintenance training for the receiving customer    






Our blue planet is covered with water. What makes SEA CARGO the most flexible, easiest and cheapest cargo system of all. Therefore we as Mechan-Connect Cargoagro plus  provides this cargo service as main cargo system for long distance machinery cargo. In SeaFreight we work 1 to 1 together with our neighbor and partner on Schiphol Airport :  Lift Freight Services (LFS). In this close cooperation we as Mechan-Connect Cargo look after the specialist orders in agriculture and/or construction equipment for our clients.

  • roll on roll off
  • container transport

We offer services from and to all major seaports around the world. With Rotterdam being the largest European port, huge numbers of shipments arrive on a daily basis and are distributed throughout Europe and transshipped to many destinations such as Western Africa, East Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and the Mediterranean.

What is in the name? Mechan- Connect – LFS  offers weekly own consolidations to many major ports in the Far East , Middle East and Africa. Main destinations for Africa are Lagos (Nigeria), Luanda (Angola), Djibouti , Mombasa (Kenya). In Russia weekly we ship to Sank Petersburg. We cooperate with partners on many other destinations. Our rates are competitive and our service is highly dedicated towards our customers.

With the many carriers calling at Rotterdam port, the possibilities are plenty. For over 300 destinations worldwide , carriers are calling the Rotterdam port weekly. Mechan-Connect – LFS maintains good relations with all of them.

Customs clearance for export and import shipments is provided through our own company. We can assure our customers and partners worldwide, fast and reliable handling of all their consignments. The warehouses we use, offers a total capacity of 20.000 square meters which can be used for bonded storage. Furthermore : it is also the CFS fir all consolidations import or export.





Air Cargo is a most unknown transport system in the agricultural machinery manufacturing and trade sector. Most off all not thought of, or the common thought us that is not possible or anyway much to expensive. The last thing is correct, it is the most expensive method of transport.
But there are exceptions when it is very interesting to make us of AIR CARGO :

  • when spare part(s) have to be as quick as possible at your customer, anywhere in the world.
  • when there is no seaport in relative short region, and trucking takes to long and/or gets to expensive.
  • when you have to drive with machinery, goods or materials through dangerous countries to get to your receiving client
  • when you have to drive with your cargo through to expensive countries and/or countries with much to long waiting times/ delays at the border.

We as Mechan-Connect Group have our Headquarters on Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, as so also our CARGO department in our company.
Close to our AIRLINERS , all short by and connected with us. In Air Freight we work 1 to 1 together with our neighbor and partner on Schiphol Airport :  Lift Freight Services (LFS). In this close cooperation we as Mechan-Connect Cargo look after the specialist orders in agriculture and/or construction equipment for our clients. The main Airliners we work with are KLM-Martinair Cargo, Turkish Cargo, DeLux Cargo, Qatar Cargo, Emirates Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Aeroflot Cargo. We cooperate with partners with many other airlines.
Most connected with us to SKYTEAM CARGO or STAR ALLIANCE CARGO.

Our airfreight office is located in Amsterdam at the heart of Schiphol International Airport (SPL). Schiphol Airport is among the largest airports in Europe and we are able to offer our customers a wide range of airlines to worldwide destinations. Because of our good relation with many airlines we can assure you competitive rates and flexible services.

Export and import shipments are handled door to door, including customs clearance and delivery through our own trucking fleet. We take care of all documents in order to offer our customers all services needed.

We have weekly dedicated consolidations into many major airports around the world. Our specialties are the Far East, Middle East and Africa. To Africa , we have weekly consolidations for Lagos, Nairobi. Luanda and Johannesburg.