Service & Training

Support for
farm development
modern “European’ farming
modern agro mechanization 
Agrobusiness development
Retail management

from A to Z. We cover it all ! 

When a country government, a farmer(s) or investor(s) want to construct a farm, we can support from A to Z. 
If is is a dairy farm, arable farm, greenery farm, poultry farm or a mixed farm. All specialist are found in the Mechan-Connect Group.
Starting with the area rechearch and providing a professional buisnessplan, from the frist construction drawing, to field cleaning up to the first harverts and/or first milking session. The agro specialist from the Mechan-Connect Group will provide knowledge and experience, practical training of the farmer(s) and will make an agreement of the suprvising periode needed or wished. 
Farm developent will definitive be succesfull wih the support of these Dutch specialists from the Mechan-Connect Group. 
All development will be based on MODERN EUROPEAN FARMING SYSTEMS. Based on NEW THINKING. 
With the POWER OF KNOWLEDGE. With provising capacity that will have an effective positive IMPACT ON WORLS FOOD SUPPLY ! 


Out of more then 40 years of experience in primary agriculture, agro mechanization and farm management we set up series of ‘Education Programs’. Based on the principal of PRACTICAL TRAINING CENTERS we teach first theoretical and bring this knowledge DIRECTLY into our practical classes on the farm field or in the mechanization workshop. Based on the principal : LEARNING BY DOING”.   
Education and training can find place on an individual farm for the local farmer(s) , or the education or training can find place in groups at one of our centers. Education and training can also find place in the Netherlands, at one of our companies – farms or at one of the connected brand-factories. 
We special focus on TRAINING THE YOUTH !  The youth has the future! And so provising jobs, welfare and a better future for the next generation.
The following education and training programs are the most requested :

  • The all-round basics of Arable Farming
  • The all-round basics of Dairy Farming
  • The all-round basics of Agro Mechanization Technique for service and maintenance 
  • Users training mechanization (learning to work with new technology)
  • Forage Feed production – harvest and storage (grass, maize, corn, wheat, etc.)
  • Practical Farm Management : Dairy and Arable
  • Food processing : milk, potato’s, cereals, meat, eggs, greenery, etc..
  • Agricultural Sales, Marketing and Retail management

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It is a well known problem that many modern tractors, equipment and harvesters are technically capable of very high performance, but the new owner and/or driver is not familiar with this new technique an capabilities. A book manual is often inadequate. This results in an inefficient use of the machine. And the intended results and expectations are not reached. This costs money and annoyance. It may be due to failure to meet the efficiency. But can also result in malfunction of the machine. This is not good for the new owner/ user and also not good for the manufacturer of the brand !  That is where Mechan-Connect comes in sight ! After delivery of the new machine we can provide users training and explain the setting of the machine. We can do this in the languages : Dutch, English, German and Russian.

Users Training includes among :

  • Maintenance and repair training
  • Training in setting/ adjusting / tuning of the machine
  • Drivers Training in Practise
  • Training in use of board computers and other automatic and/or new innovations 

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Farming is 1. But farming brings harvests, And harvest products needs storage and processing. 
If it is milk, cereals, potato’s or all other thinkable products…. the Mechan-Connect Group can provide the needed knowledge, machinery, construction and products for the processing. Together witk among DeLaval and Bühler we have everything needed in reach. 
After the processing the products come in the world of agrobusiness markting and retail. 
In this matter the Mechan-Connect Group under the lead of Mark Harenberg will provide the needed support for getting professional and well connected within the agrobusiness chains and to set up a new Retail system in the region or country if needed. 
Through setting up first a professional businessplan the infiltration in the agrobusiness and Retail will get started, 
FEEDBACK from the market is fuel for “tuning” the offered products towards the market ! 
Markets can be : local, countie(s), continent, the world. Or for example a special target as the Tourism-Sector. 

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Farmers are all practical users of machinery. And they know that it is unavoidable that something gets damaged or broken. Sometimes a small part , what You can repair Yourself. Sometimes larger parts, wherefore You need assistants in repairing. In both issues we as Mechan-Connect Group can and will support You. For support with spare parts we can reach clients worldwide ! Using car, truck, see- or aircargo. We cover it all !  

Together with out importer agency’s , 
we can bring spare parts very fast from door to door , all over the world