At this page we will make short notes of events or new developments. When You are interested to know more about some issue, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail !


Oktober 2014:
Basis Agreement with connected manufacturers of agriculture machinery about strategy for distribution development in Africa, among South Sudan – Ethiopia and Angola.        


September 6 – 2014 
Opening FLIEGL AGRO-CENTER WEST, Hörstel – Dreierwalde Germany.


September 1 – 2014  
Welcoming our newest employee and college : Ruud Hoeijmakers.  Ruud is working as all-rounder and first assistant for the General Manager. And is in this way in training with the GM as mentor. We wish Ruud a pleasant and good future at Mechan-Connect !


August 21 – 2014  
Third visit South Sudan, Juba.  Trade Mission for Agriculture machinery distribution and dealer network development. Presentation Mechan-Connect Office in Juba, in cooperation with Deltacons and H&T Global Business Ltd. 


June 20 – 2014          
Signing and stamping with witnesses signing of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ between South Sudan Government / Ministry of Agriculture – the Mechan-Connect Group & Dutch Government – Fa. Janssen. Including all financial agreements and work schedule 


June 16 – 2014          
Second visit South Sudan, Juba. Working out first phase of project preparations. Meeting with Co-operative bank of South Sudan. Making of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Agriculture of South Sudan about financial agreements.


May 19 – 2014          
Contract signing with Ministry of Agriculture of South Sudan in Juba, for cooperation in Agriculture Development Program. Including TV interview about the project.


May 13 – 2014          
First visit South Sudan, Juba.  Meeting with Minister of Agriculture. And meeting with project partners in Juba, as among Mr. Samuel Mebrathu, Dr. John Nyikako, Mr Attak, Mr. Garang Akok, and others.


April 15 – 2014          
Tragic news about the loss of one of our partners in the Angola project. Dr. jur. Thomas Lorenz is passed away very unexpected. We wish his relatives strength in this loss and thank Dr. Lorenz for his great work an commitment to our planned project.


April 1 – 2014            
Basis Agreement between parties in Angola Agriculture Development – Pilot Farm project.


February 2014           
First meetings in Angola – Luanda with all associates and partners for the Angola Agriculture Development – Pilot Farm project. And visiting the farm location, the cooperating banks and the governor.


February 2014           
Fliegl contracts Mechan-Connect as official importer and distributor for Fliegl Agrartechnik and Baukom for Angola – Africa. 


November 2013         
First meeting with Dr. John Adibo at Frankfurt Germany. First request for joining cooperation in Agriculture Development in South Sudan.


October – 2013         
Presentation Mechan-Connect Group at the Exhibition ‘Golden Autumn’ in Moscow , Russia. Meeting with partners in Russia. First contacts about Dutch – Russian ‘Infraproject’. 


June 2013                  
Opening ceremonial and openings party new factory plot at FLIEGL AGRARTECHNIK at Mühldorf am Inn. 


May 2013                 
Opening new Headquarters Mechan-Connect Group at Schiphol Airport.