Agro-projects Support Africa

 The agro-Center in The Gambia.
will contain in near future :
An agro-mechanization center
An agro-training center
A mixed farm on 5500 hectare

       Welcome in the world……. 
….of Future Farming
in Africa

in direct cooperation with the KATCHANG community
we are developing a modern farm on EU-standard:

The total farm will contain: 
3000 hectare arable farm 
field beans, peas, wheat and corn

2000 hectare dairy farm

500 hectare horticultre

 Our works in The Gambia is in developement 
with the actual support of AGCO – Africa .

And is also powered by :

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Mechan-Connect works in close cooperation with among :  !

agricultural developement projects 
in progress :

ABU DHABI – SUDAN ( since 2015 )


In Abu Dhabi we are involved through Krone (Spelle) with the Forage Feed Program (FFP project) from ‘Jenaan Investement’. 
Containing huge grassland production fields in the desert of Sudan. See also :  

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jenaan investmentAfbeeldingsresultaat voor jenaan investment Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jenaan investmentAfbeeldingsresultaat voor jenaan investment 

UGANDA (since 2016)
constant corn farm 
model farm 
mechanization centre 
Ducth Agro Field Exhibition

In Uganda we are busy with the developing of a `Constant Corn Farm` in cooperation with the local farm `Frank Farm Estates´. 
In follow up there wil be development of a total ´MODERN MODEL MIXED FARM´ , including dairy / poultry/  crop and vegetables farming. 

Besides the farm development, there will be constructed and developed : 
– a ´Agro Mechanization Center´ in Kampala named ´Rute Agrotech Ltd.´
– Practical School 
– Exhibition Center + 50 hectares of demofields with forage grass & maize, cereals, protein crops, potatos, etc..

Dutch Agro Fied Exhibition : 
In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Embassy in Kampala , there will be organised in2017 a Dutch Agro Conference  and in 2018 a Dutch Agro Field Exhibition. Mechan-Connect is busy with the organization together with the Embassy. 
Also partners in Germany and other EU countries will be connected to this project. 
With the main goal to have a firm impact of EU brands in East Africa, United Arab Emirates and in Saudi Arabia. 
AS the best alternative for the Azian products and services, in farm needs – mechanization – knowledge transfer and all round support. 

mechanization centre 
coop. Krongo Engineering Qatar 

Krongo Engineering is since November 2016 the official importer and distributor of the Mechan-Connect Group in the UAE and Northeast Africa. 

Assembly & Distribution 
Agro Mechanization 

In Ethiopia we are working on setting up new importing and dealernetworks for agricultural machinery. Including forming workshops and service centers. Our partner in Ethiopia is the company Menamino International Trading – Addis Ababa – Ethiopia. The Mechan-Connect Group supports the new importer and dealer with education, training, management support, sales support, demonstration support, aftersales support and of course delivery of used and new machinery – equipment. Including the support in the construction of a workshop and service center. Wherefore Mechan-Connect Cargo will supply with spare parts and maintenance parts.

Agriculture Development Program 

This is a Dutch – South Sudanese cooperation project, by initiative of Dr. John Adibo (H&T Global Business Ltd.) and executed by private Dutch companies in lead by Mechan-Connect and Fa. Janssen. In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Economic & Agricultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the South Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. At May -19 2014 a basic contract is signed between the Mechan-Connect Group BV, Fa. Janssen Agricultural Business Support and the South Sudan Ministry of Agriculture for a set up ‘Agricultural Development Program’ for South SudanStarting with a PILOT FARM , what contents a mixed farm in crop – dairy and grocery farming. Combined with a PRACTICAL SCHOOL for agriculture education and mechanization training. This Pilot Farm and Education centre will be build at the RAJAF WEST COMMUNITY, +/- 20 miles from  JUBA. Therefore is a agreement with the chairmen of the community , Hon. Francis Bassan. And has a formal meeting taken place with the total community associates.

At June-20 2014 the South Sudan Ministry of Agriculture in Juba has signed a legal and formal ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ , for financing the start budget for building and executing the Pilot Farm. When the Pilot Farm is operational , Dutch support in funding can follow out of Dutch Funding Programs, such as FDOV.


The costs for the pre-works (feasibility studies, business plans, meetings, travelling) are beside investments by the Mechan-Connect Group also partly covered by Dutch ‘subcontractors’ . Who site by site work this Development Plan out with Mechan-Connect and form the suppliers in the needed goods – materials and machinery for the Pilot Farm.

Status  projects : all agreements and contracts signed. Contracted budget is to be released, for the start of the practical works. To begin with the construction of the farm buildings and the soil cleaning and soil improvement.

Our partners in this project :      



Agriculture Development
Pilot Farm Project > 2012

This is a German – Angola related project. On request of our honored college and partner Mr. Rainer Sy from LEMKEN we got in close companionship with the Counselor from Angola in Frankfurt , Hon. Manual Domingos, and with our local contact in Luanda Hon. Sebastiao Quiame from URIM&TUMIN INVESTMENTS,S.A.  From where out a cooperation is started for an Agricultural Development Project , containing a Pilot Farm with crop and dairy farming. In the Northern region near Luanda. The role from Mechan-Connect in this is the forming of the feasibility study and connecting business plan. And be supporter / advisor in the development of the Pilot Farm and after that assist and support in the practical farm management. Inclusive educating and train the farm workers. The goal of this project is to produce much more food of own fields in Angola, in stead of buying all food from abroad for much to high prices. And second goal is to start agriculture production near by the capital city Luanda. So that short by food can be produced.

The project is based on a cooperative finance by partly a local bank from Angola and partly by the German Commerzbank. Supported by Euler-Hermes. The initiator and leading person in this all is Hon. Sebastiao Quiame from URIM&TUMIN INVESTMENTS,S.A. Together with the Counselor Hon. Manuel Domingos. With a team of shareholders for this Pilot Farm.

Our  partners in this project are :




Infraproject NL-RUS Agricultural  > 2013

In the nineties of the last century an agreement was set between the Soviet Union and the Netherlands for knowledge transfer and cooperation in agricultural development. Due the fall of the Soviet Union this project plan was parked. In 2013, there was the celebration of 400 cooperation ship between Russia and the Netherlands. The so called ‘Holland – Russia Year’. One part of this occasion was that the ‘old’ project is re-installed. Due to our partner Fa. Janssen and due to our participation in the Agriculture Exhibition in Moskou in 2013 , the Mechan-Connect Group is involved now in this project, what now is called : “Infraproject”.  Together with and through  ‘Fa. Janssen Agricultural Business Support’ we are in contact for this project with the Dutch Embassy in Moskou, Agricultural Attaché in the person of Eric Smidt.
Status project : re-start meetings are in progress. 

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